LCC - Layout Command and Control

The following documentation and firmware updates are currently available.

Please check back regularly for updates and additional documents.

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General Documentation

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User Guides

  • LCC Starter Kit v1.1 07/03/24
  • USB-LCC USB-LCC interface. Firmware v1.3 09/05/24
  • PI-LCC Raspberry Pi LCC interface. Firmware v1.3 15/05/24
  • IO-LCC 16-channel I/O. Firmware version 1.5 09/05/24
  • SERVOIO-LCC 16-channel I/O and servo control. Firmware v1.5 09/05/24
  • POWER-LCC power point. Updated to v1.1 01/03/24
  • ButtonLED test board


Firmware Updates

See the known issues lists in the User Guide for information on issues fixed.

Download and unzip the firmware .hex file and use the JMRI LCC Firmware update tool to apply it to the node.

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