More Information - Nano


SPROG Nano is a low cost USB interface that allows a DCC power booster to be connected to a PC or MAC computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux.

What it isn't

SPROG Nano is not a CV programmer in the sense of a SPROG II. It can still be used for operations mode (on the main) programming, but does not support service mode programmin on a programming track.


The SPROG Nano is supported on a range of hardware platforms and operating systems by a number of software packages.

If no specific SPROG Nano support is shown, select SPROG II as the hardware type.
     DecoderPro (Command Station, PC, MAC, Linux)
     RocRail (Command Station, PC, MAC, Linuxs

SPROG Nano USB drivers for Windows can be downloaded from our website or supplied on the optional CD-ROM at time of purchase.

No special drivers are required for MacOS or Linux where the SPROG Nano should appear as a USB serial device.

Power Supplies

SPROG Nano is USB powered and requires no external power supply.